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From a young age I could see harmony, disharmony and energy in bodies and their posture. The study of life drawing and Art made me ‘see’ the human body and its emotional expression even clearer. I discovered that ways of thinking and feeling are expressed long term in posture.

My study of communication systems, Yoga and Anatomy made me understand that physical alignment is intrinsically connected to mental habits.
In 2004 I developed the unique Body Mapping Process. In drawing my client’s body, I deliver not only a detailed posture assessment, but also visualize the energetic expression of a person’s mental-emotional field.
After the mapping I develop a logical, simply structured plan serving as a map towards recreating good health and a state of balance. My vision is for my clients and students for them to return to their naturally aligned state.

The Body Nature approach creates a bridge for you, to take control of your own health in body and life. In our programs you will receive a solid and simple tool kit of Body Mind Tools to give you eventually the freedom to care for your wellbeing in the most time effective and natural way.

The Body Scan Process reveals not only the physical posture but it allows insight in how to restore health in the most direct and simple way. Most clients come to me after having explored numerous health modalities, often for years without solving the central issue. Whether it is depression, chronic lower back pain or fatigue every disease has an underlying system, a logic so to speak.

It is a matter of finding the “disconnection” in the connective system of the body – mind. Body Nature works with the profound logic of creating a sustainable life style to live a rich and healthy life. Find your way home to your strong you.


body mapping

Body Mapping

The Body Mapping Process pinpoints disruptions in the Body Mind System. These once identified will be healed in a structured, systematic approach.

Discovery Call

Take advantage of a 20 minute discovery call by appointment. I believe in personal contact and treat each person according to their very own, particular needs.


Pivot is a small incremental turn into the right direction. On cross roads and crisis points we get a chance to renew our approach to life. Pivot offers the necessary overview and the tools to do so.

"An essential truth is normally revealed when we strip back all unnecessary information and look at what is central to a person’s being. Each individual is unique and needs to be treated in a personalised way.”

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